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NETCITE Web Design started in 2007, based in Montreal & Toronto, providing Web Site Design and hosting solutions to business. We source the hosting partner to suit our client needs, whether it be geographic location of the target market, online advertising campaigns, Search Engine Optimisation or server management. We have the skill and expertise to deliver.

Our Web Design service is efficient and affordable delivering websites that function no matter how complex the development.
  • We manage every aspect of your project from the idea stage to launching the site live.
  • Our services includes advice on initial preparation, planning, design, development.
  • Web 2.0 Sites. What it means, is providing a user driven site. Examples are social networking sites, forums, blogs, article posting, etc. The users determine/provides the content that goes on to the site.
  • eCommerce websites: We can advise you on security, payment gateways and everything you need to get your online shop up and running.

Our Design Feature

  • Easy Costumizable Design

    Most our design themes are easy to customizable structructure. Such as site width, column positions...

  • Cross browser optimization

    IE7, IE8 , Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome...most recent major browsers support.

  • Social Networking Integration

    Delivering extremely easy to spread the world through social networks about your storys or sites what so ever.

  • Clean and Unique Design

    We provide custom web site design that will make you and your customers happy. Our professional web site design services create websites with the latest technology including CSS, Flash, AJAX, CMS and more.

  • Multi Language Supports

    Basicly we provide 10 languages pack. (한국어, English, 中文(中国), 日本語, Español, Русский, Français, 中文(臺灣), Tiếng Việt, Mongolian)

  • Well Organized CSS , HTML and JS files

  • Supply pre-defined Typographic Styles

  • Supply & Suppot Mobile Web Design

  • Build SEO Friendly Sites

  • Powered with jQuery

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